A new milestone

(Me excited dressed in all my ski gear)

On Tuesday, I finally get to return to snow for the first time in 439 days. I know how I did it, but at the same time I don’t.

I gave it everything I had. I spent 5 days a week and hours on end in the gym. My mental strength persevered and helped push me through mental and physical obstacles when I had no answers to what was wrong with my knee. (This felt like eternity).

Thinking back to all this time away from what I love makes me feel resilient. It makes me want skiing and success that much more. I will take nothing for granted.

I feel as if I earned a big part of my life back. I didn’t feel like myself for a while there. I know it’s just the beginning of the next step, but still a big milestone to achieve. I know I have more work to put in and I will not stop.

I’ve grown a lot and learned a lot during this challenging year of recovery. I’ve learned that you HAVE to keep going even on your worst days. If you’re having a tough day, and don’t complete your workout/exercises for the day you’re gonna feel worse about it. At least if you finish what you set yourself out to do you will have some sense of accomplishment in your day; and that will hold you up.

I’m so glad all of you have tuned into my journey back to snow. I have heard the kindest of words from people near and dear to me, and even people I don’t know very well. It takes a village!

I’m excited to share my next part of my road to recovery with you.

All the love,


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