What is frustration? Frustration is giving everything you have and not seeing progress. Frustration is that feeling of being discouraged. Frustration is feeling like you have gone backwards. Frustration is the unknown. This frustration has been hiding behind this smile of mine.

I have been ‘dodging’ talking about my recovery because it honestly hasn’t been going that great. It’s going a lot slower than we originally anticipated. I have been super down and have had my lowest of lows.

Every day I wake up and hope that my knee doesn’t hurt in certain positions. And that’s just not happening.

I miss skiing every single day. I’m a fighter and I will be back on top. You just wait.


7 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. you are my hero. admitting your setbacks and frustrations is not your style, but in this case so necessary. you will be back on top so very soon. stronger and smarter and even more determined. i just know it. love you avital💕


  2. Dearest Avital…
    you are an incredibly courageous woman! you have taken on a sport that challenges you every moment. you fly down mountains with passion and grace. you mindfully heal and strengthen with every injury. you always move forward in mind, body, spirit, and soul.
    Avital, you inspire us all with your journey. you have a pure voice. you open your heart and share your feelings with a raw honesty. and we embrace you and send you infinite love and blessings.
    Beautiful spirit…honor your feelings. ride them as you ride the mountains. honor your self, your journey…in every moment, with every breath!
    You, my darling, are a goddess!
    i love you!


  3. Avital, you are an inspiration. I love how you write about frustration, which we all feel but do our best to hide. Thank you for this discussion. You will be stronger because you are facing this. You are not quitting. You are exploring new options. The pain may never completely disappear. But your knee & leg can be strong. Strong enough to support your soaring through the air again. Sending healing thoughts. Melinda


    1. You are the best! Thank you! It is so true, we hide sometimes but a lot of people feel the same way. And when you find that relating and feeling close to someone is a great gift! So great to see you today, lots of love! 💛


  4. Sweet niece, keep being honest, and keep being you. The world needs more of both. I love you. All of this evolves. “No feeling is final” wrote Rilke. Ride this one out til it passes, and the next one comes. 💛🥑🐥


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