Happy four months!

I am so much closer to this feeling. I have made it through the toughness that comes with not being able to do what makes me me.

I have had my lowest of lows, but also my highest of highs. From little to big.

I just started to introduce plyometrics into my physical therapy sessions! This means I am jumping! Onto boxes, off of boxes and working on my quick movement.

Wow that’s so exciting Tal…

But really it is!! I haven’t left the ground on my own in 5 months… so if you can imagine I’m pretty stoked about it. Because jumping is my favorite part of what I do, and I am that much closer.

I am taking advantage of opportunity I would otherwise not have time to do. I never thought I would be working a desk job. I never thought I’d be taking a college course. I never thought so much good could come from what I thought was the worst thing.

As always, grinding it out in the gym and seeing major improvement in my symmetry & strength gains.


4 thoughts on “Happy four months!

  1. dear Avital!

    mazal tov on the jumping, girl! you rock!
    you are truly making the most of your injury in the most positive way!
    you have taken great challenge and turned it into great reward and you are the greatest beneficiary of your efforts. your consistency in pursuing your healing and return to the slopes are courageous and noble!
    you, my dear, are an inspiration! your smile, your light, your energy! you are magic!

    much much love to you, darling!


  2. Fantastic! It means that your leg/knee is getting so strong. It will probably be stronger than the left one (unaffected one). Sometimes our injuries lead us to our other talents too:)) Love your blog. Sending love & continued healing. Melinda


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