Be true.

I received some really good advice from some amazing people during this tricky tough time of not being able to ski.

The two phrases of wisdom hit hard. In a good way. A way that made me want to work harder. These phrases are both negative for some reason, but you know what they say about constructive criticism.🤷‍♀️

The first one was “it’s gonna suck”. I was like hmm… that’s harsh. But honestly I had an expectation. A real expectation. It wasn’t covered in sugar and that makes it easier in the long term. Not the short term though. Face to face in the moment it can be tough to be honest about what’s next, but honestly it was a realistic expectation. Going in knowing that, and knowing that down the road everything will be fine is achievable. It’s the beginning that sucks. Right you were. Whoever you are fighting it will suck for a bit. And that’s no fun, but I sure hope the outcome is back to where you want to be. Embrace the shitty part. Laugh at yourself.

The second one that stood out to me was “nobody cares”. & damn is that true. This doesn’t mean I didn’t love the well wishes you all sent me, don’t get me wrong. That got me through more than you know. What this means is that it’s your personal battle. It’s your issue. People feel sympathy, yes. But then they go on with their life and think about you here and there. You are living it every day. People move on, people forget.

No single individual can put in the work for you.

Thank you everyone for being the best. Such amazing people by my side. What would I do without you?

5 thoughts on “Be true.

  1. We grow (mentally & physically) from our injuries. They make us so much stronger. I actually think that without some injury we cannot truly appreciate our victories. Know that you have the help and support of your family, your friends, your physicians, your physical therapists, your trainers and all your colleagues. We are all behind you. Hugs, Melinda


  2. I’ve been quoted before saying fortunately and unfortunately people don’t notice much about others. You have to step up for you, again & again, every day deciding what is important, what is sacred. You have a lot of people who love you, of course. But you show up every day to the field. Love from your far away Aunt. 💛


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