Happy two months post OP!

DSC_0639Today marks two months post ACL & meniscus operation. What have I been up to?

Physical therapy gets more intensive, which means I am improving!! I am going to PT MWF and seeing lots of progress! I am at about 140 degrees of flexion in my knee, just short of full flexion! I am biking everyday to keep the blood flowing and help minimize the swelling. I have started doing single leg activities as well! This past weekend I introduced single leg squats (with a chair under me). The first few were terrifying because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. The more I fought the easier they became which, after the fact,  felt really rewarding. More excitingly my quad is starting to get stronger! It is a lot less jiggly and I can feel the muscle starting to come back. This is good! This may sound weird, but my goal is to get my right leg back to being the same size as my left. Atrophy is a wild thing. Protein is my BFF.

Enough of the boring stuff already Avital! Jeez.

I honestly thought this time would go by way slower than it has. I can’t believe it has already been two months. I can do most things the human body is suppose to do. That makes me really happy.

I am staying busy, that’s for sure! Recently I bought a camera, because tear your ACL and buy a camera they said. Ha! My skills are a work in progress, but I am super excited about it.

I applied to college, crazy!!! I am applying non-traditional because I just want to take a few classes on what interests me. This being nutrition & photography classes.

Life is good. I really can’t complain other than the fact I’m not skiing right now.

On another note I am discovering a lot of things about Park City that I never knew existed. I am running into familiar faces and it is starting to feel like home. The community vibe is starting!!

Hope you all did some good holiday shopping. I know did!

Muah! Xoxo for now ❤️


4 thoughts on “Happy two months post OP!

  1. You are amazing and should be very proud of yourself. Enjoy your recovery process and continue following your interests. Happy hanukkah. Great aunt Marion

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