It only gets easier from here.

Yesterday my squad departed for the beginning of the World Cup tour in Ruka, Finland. Today I am going to a walking class at the center of excellence.

I really can’t complain about my progress and walking, that is all going extremely well. I just miss doing what I love most.

With an injury you are fighting a lot of battles. Mostly mentally. Everything is so much harder than it used to be and sometimes it makes you feel demoralized. Yesterday I did an exercise in PT that made me want to have a mental breakdown. I was on the verge of tears, but somehow held it in. I have to remind myself that this is when you do the hard work. The fun work comes later. Work hard. Play hard.

I miss my crew a lot, I just joined them in April but they made me feel so welcome, like I belonged. It’s tough not being on the road with them, but hopefully I make it to a few competitions this year to spectate & hang out with my team. I’m excited for a new perspective; I believe there is always a lot to learn.

For now I will be cheering them on! If I can’t compete, I only wish for my favorite people to slay!! Let’s go team!

I am working hard and finding good distractions to keep me occupied!

I bought a camera so hopefully my photos get cooler!

Eat some yummy turkey peeps. 🦃

One thought on “It only gets easier from here.

  1. My dear grandtr,
    So enjoyed reading your blog
    You really sound very grounded
    And dealing with your ski injury
    And recovery soo healthfully.
    Much love oma

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