“Pedaling as fast as I can” beautiful Opa

Opa, I think I have found the words.

You made people better people, and you made the world a better place.

Without saying it you embraced a calming, loving essence everywhere you went. You lived a no stress life and it made everybody around you so happy and relaxed.

You really helped mom not get overwhelmed with five kids and a busy New York City life. She looked up to you and your beautiful actions a lot. I know she will hold on to that for eternity. We realize that sad is a forever emotion of losing you, but we are embracing all of you and the amazing moments. We are talking about you, and sharing everything we thought you would enjoy on a daily basis.

Often times people try to forget about death, and they live on with their everyday life. That’s not the case here. We include you in everything and you are forever apart of the Hendell-Shimko clan! Thank you for writing ‘Pedaling as fast as I can’. It is so unbelievable to have all your stories from the holocaust and your life in written form to look back on. I’m so happy I got twenty two years with you.

You were an amazing man.

I love you and miss you so much. 💛

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