For the love of coffee

Coffee is hands down the worlds best drink. It is my drink of choice day in and day out.

I get out of bed, because coffee. I run errands, because coffee. I get outside, because coffee. I excel in my workouts, because coffee. You get it.

I think I have thought more about coffee (nerd) recently because I am constantly having to ice my knee, thus making me cold. I immediately know the answer to this…>> coffee!

Also since my injury my motivation has plateaued. I have my eye on the prize, but some days it seems so far away. The gains that I have made so far are substantial, but the rate is unfortunately slow.

Coffee gives you that extra boost or slap on the ass you need! Get out there!

Doubly whammy!

✌️ Drink more coffee.

2 thoughts on “For the love of coffee

  1. I’m sitting here icing my hand and drinking one of my favorite espresso blends called tiger walk from equator coffee roasters. Coffee is the best.

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