One month post OP!


Today marks one month post knee operation. A month ago I never thought I would be where I am right now.

Yesterday, October 24th, I got cleared to walk without crutches! I have been dreaming of this day since the beginning. Initially I thought I would be walking earlier because I only thought my ACL had to be replaced, but that wasn’t the case. After knowing I had both meniscus’s repaired I knew it would take more time.

The beautiful thing about walking that you take for granted is being able to hold things in your hands. I don’t have to rely on anyone anymore to carry my coffee &/or food to the table. I can clean up around the house, I have so much freedom that I never realized until I got it taken away from me.

During this month I have watched movies & TV shows I never thought would interest me. For people who know me this is a big step because I hate television. I have discovered/ rediscovered hobbies such as bracelet making, writing, goal setting (baby steps), and have had a lot more time to talk to my friends and family. I am closer to people than I have ever been.

My biggest accomplishment so far is being in the moment. I hated the fact that I would get distracted and not pay attention to people/ things I know I should pay attention to. As I look back I realize this happened because I was glued to my phone. I am a lot happier putting my phone down now knowing that everything doesn’t have to be answered immediately.

On the rehab side of things everything is going super well and smoothly. I currently have about three hours of just knee exercises a day. I am working on my quad strength and range of motion. Yesterday I flexed my knee to one hundred and six degrees! I am seeing progress every day and that keeps me motivated to keep putting in the work.


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