The day I got stronger

8A700D8A-9A77-41AF-8235-3F7B8FE493D3August 24th 2018.

On this very day, training up in Mt. Hood, Oregon I got the news that I had torn my ACL. I was training on our jump site and working on back fulls(backflip with a 360). I had been training them all summer and they had been going super well! Unfortunatley I had a fluke landing and my knee didn’t agree with it. I ended up flying home that night, and got an MRI the next morning. The news was in, ACL tear, medial and lateral meniscus tear, MCL strain and bone bruising. This was the hardest pill to swallow. What was suppose to be the best year of my life turned into a season ending injury. Lucky for me all my friends and family reached out and kept me in good spirits. I kept the tears to myself for when no one was around. I would let myself have a (short) pitty party, and then I would turn to the positives. I remind myself constantly of the rest my body probably needs, the new hobbies I have found, the chance to discover amazing things that I may have never had the opportunity to do. Surprisingly every thing that I thought used to be “stupid” now interests me. For example we have animal planet on in the physical therapy room, and all of a sudden realized how fascinating the fins on a fish are. It’s the little things!

Thanks for reading!

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